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Three Peaks Engineering provides a wide range of petroleum reservoir engineering services.  We utilize ARIESTM software for reserve forecasting and economic analysis.  Our services include: 

• Estimation and classification of petroleum reserves and resources using:

  • Volumetric calculations
  • Material balance methods
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Log analysis
  • Analog performance data

• Forecasting of production, prices, expenses and cash flow to determine net present value

• Economic evaluation and sensitivity analysis for:  

  • Reserve reports and updates
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Bank loan reports
  • Tax and estate plans
  • Drilling prospects (including risk analysis)
  • Equity determinations
  • Secondary recovery projects

• Analysis of vertical and horizontal well performance to optimize well density, completion methods, and stimulation techniques

• Study of field performance to identify workover candidates, recompletion potential, and development and exploratory drilling potential

• Evaluation of AFE submittals, lease requests, farmout requests, purchase proposals, unitization plans, and pooling proposals

• Generation of type curves based on well performance

• Generation of structure and isopach maps to calculate reservoir volumes